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Frank Sinatra
You Make Me Feel So Young.

Audition Song
You Make Me Feel So Young

By virture of having reached this page, we feel pretty sure that you're interested in checking out our audition tune which is Mark Hale's arrangement of You Make Me Feel So Young, as sung by his gold medal quartet Michigan Jake.

For acceptance into Sounworks, after you've attended enough meetings and rehearsals to really know that we're a good fit, and you've had a vocal assessment and placement, you will learn this repertoire song. For your audition, you will sing your part, from memory, in a quartet for your section leader and the chorus director. To help you prepare for your audition, we will provide you with sheet music and the learning tracks which you can listen to at the bottom of this page. We sing this song each week and often employ it as a coaching tool as well. We will also make sure that you have an opportunity to practice this song each week in a quartet setting so that you will be able to successfully "carry your part."

Click on your part to listen to You Make Me Feel So Young
4parts lead bass baritone tenor