Home On December 17, 2005, Soundworks presented a concert for the benefit of Christ the King Lutheran Church. Christ the King Church is a wonderful supporter of Soundworks through the provision of rehearsal and meeting facilities. Our concert was free and open to the public. All proceeds were given to help support their 2006 youth mission trip to San Antonio, TX.
Soundworks Soundworks

City Slickers

Hardman Jones
Bob Caldwell
Warren Strandberg
Glenn Van Tuyle

City Slickers


Patrick Powers
John Simmons
John Luck
Josh Le Clerc


The Focus Group

Jim Toth
Larry Marko
Billy England
Paul Laurenz

Focus Group
Bootleg Video!

Well, folks, just like a Greatful Dead concert, we have our folks out there making bootleg video from their seats. We were able to get our hands on some pirate video taken on December 17, right there at Christ the King Lutheran Church.

Strike the harp and join the chorus

Our pirate also captured the end of In the Bleak Midwinter which closed the first half.

In the Bleak Midwinter

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